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Everything About Jesus is Glorious…

Much much much has happened just in the last two months. My thought process of it has as well been very slow. Recently there has been such an amazing increase that the Lord has sent almost like a kiss from heaven. The journey of this increase has become glorious, overwhelming, has meant some sleepless nights, much laughter, the joy of new acquaintances and so much more.

In all this, I have come to see how the Lord has been preparing us many months ago for what was to come. Months back when the state of being hidden was easy due to no one else being in the room and how I ached and desired for that not to be so. Not for myself but for the simple fact that I had come to know this Man in a whole new way that revealed an endless river to be enjoyed and I was falling for this Man more and more and wanted others to encounter Him. How I desired to scream out at times,

“Daughters of Jerusalem, have you known my Beloved! He is fairer than the sons of man, chief among ten thousand, there is NONE like Him or ever will be! Among all the trees in the woods, my Beloved is like an apple tree in the midst of them. Come and see! Come and meet Him! Come away with Him and set Him as a seal upon your arm, upon your heart! For His love is stronger than death!”

"As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight , and his fruit was sweet to my taste." Song of Solomon 2:3

Now here we are and that season of being hidden seems to be fading; growing dim and with much joy, it fills my heart but I feel the ache to “Come Away”…

How easy it is to get draw away from Him out of a genuine heart who desires others to know and encounter Him. How easy it is even when in a good place, a right place in our hearts we work work work…work work work to organize, and situate, and gather, and produce and guide and…

So much…so easy for ones mind to become so cluttered that the soft faint lovesick whisper of the One who desires us to be with Him where He is beckons us to look back at Him.

There is so much to who this Man is. Knowing Him, searching out His thoughts and heart and interests, emotions is the journey. The adventure. The quest. The treasure hunt. More precious than rubies or precious stones, is being captivated, fascinated by Jesus Christ. I need to know Jesus. I want to know Him. How nothing else compares to gazing…set gaze everyday, the journey…to set my gaze; my full attention and affections, everything I am, everything I have and yet…

Its so easy to set Him aside, it’s so easy to think we’re putting first in first place, today. Tomorrow will worry about itself (Matthew 6:34) Am I putting first in first place today? Its a good question that like a marriage, we get into that familiar stage where I can feel as though, “Yea! I was with him yesterday and the day before that and I’ll be with him tomorrow and we’ll talk about that or do that together tomorrow.”

And so many times tomorrow’s come and go and next thing we know, a week has gone by and we’ve barely ran by one another; a glance, a half smile. I remember to say hello mid-day and run with the excuse that I’m prepping something nice for Him but the time spent is limited. Its easier this way honestly. The running, the doing. It’s far easier than, stopping… dropping everything (this is where faith must come in that He will get it done, not us in our own strength) …sit at the dinner table face to face. Take a deep breath…and start the conversation.

Start the conversation…the simple…”So, how was your day? …How are you today?…what have You been thinking about today…”

Then the silence….in the waiting…for Him to actually get a word in and speak…He’s been waiting all day for this, maybe even longer.

Everything about Jesus is glorious.

 Why wouldn’t I want to spend my every second of everyday waiting to hear what HE has to say. The Man of Glory wants to have a conversation. The Majesty of Heaven, the Father of Glory wants to have a conversation with us.

Nothing else matters. All else is added unto us…

33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. Matthew 6:33-34

Nothing else matters…I want to know this Man, this God. I need to know Him.

Do you?

Will you?


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Keeping Momentum…

It’s an interesting concept…keeping momentum. I accidentally ran into this image while brainstorming for this blog and thought instantly; “Yes! Perfect!” I love the large blue sky. I feel as though I can almost breath in the crisp air! I look at this and think it’s slightly cool for some reason; the weather.

Anyway the concept of keeping momentum…it relates to how we walk out, work out the Faith. We get zeal during an event that may stir our insides, emotions and then what?  It’s typically spoken about how after a conference or event that touched your spirit and brought a fire in your bones, somehow slowly dwindles as day 2 after the event…day 4…day 5 comes along. What happened? “O yea, that was a cool weekend” then life as usual creeps in again and all the promises and vows and zeal to move forward for some reason, even with our genuine hearts goes away till the next event comes.

As I shared in the previous blog entry, the weekend of the EGW conference for me was a “resign up” of sorts. It was that whole, “Yes! I’m not alone in this! I remember why I’m fighting for this dream in His heart! I cant loose heart! Others are with us and ultimately, He is with us! …ok…I can do this again”

So I embarked on a journey the following week hoping for change. It was interesting cause I never made any set plans on what that would look like but I found myself not watching hours and hours of Television when I came home exhausted from work and put the prayer room or played some Misty Edwards “Relentless” in the background (which I just finally bought!).

What was more interesting was the fight. After such a high, you think, “I got it! Here we go!” But what I found was still my flesh raging even more wanting apathy. Over a week of not giving into my distracted outlets and yet how discouragement wanted to creep in as well as accusation. Then perhaps one of the suckiest (yes, yes it’s not a word, I know) weekends in a long time came along and my pea brain was dumfounded. “But I had such an intentional God-focused week” I thought and wrestled.

How quickly we think we’ve “earned” something. Now accusations and lies were presented by that little shoulder “angel” whose conveniently on your side every time you’re flesh is raging to win.

“See how you gave up your idle time but you had a more difficult time than you’ve had in a long time? You’ve had better weekends, better worship sets when you’ve just done what you’ve done before.” (Now listen to this mother of all conniving lies)

“Perhaps spending your week as you have, with occasional distraction, and leisure gives you better perspective of your depravity and helps your lean better on the Lord” -What a genius lie!

So I actually entertained that thought for a bit and went back to my days as usual. Not making the extra efforts the Holy Spirit had been beckoning for me to make since I’m always singing and telling Him I want to be closer to Him. (Which is really His genius way of moving my heart to make me think it was my genius idea to want more of Him! ::wink:: )

So I confided in my wonderful best friend who lives in another state right now and I told her everything that happened, how I felt, how I bombed ect…blah blah blah.

Apparently, she had been reading lately on David Brainerd and had some nice wise insight of truth to share with me .

TIME OUT: side note: I love how the Lord does that. The people in your inner circle, closest to you; how He directs our lives to be there for one another, when ones up and the others down and how life circumstances mirror momentary circumstances to help the other.


So she says -paraphrasing, “You’re dark and wicked inside honey. So what! You gave up distractions like T.V. for a week. You’ve had years of these lesser pleasures and habits as a part of your life, it’s going to take more than a week after an awesome weekend to detox yourself from it all. What is better? Going back to it all and not going deeper cause you didnt FEEL something or that you gave up some things as an act of obedience to the Lord, whether you feel something later or not?”

At first in my mind and then aloud I said “Of course, yea, I know.” and changed the topic back to the point I was making previously. ::chuckle to myself cause I know He was giving me that loving grin cause I knew better::

Jeremy Johnson at our first EGW said how God looks down at us so affectionately sometimes and says “Aw my little pea brain…” Its so true and that stayed with me.

So the next day funny enough I met with a friend and was giving her advise and what do you think comes popping out of my mouth, the story and the same advise my best friend helped remind and teach me the night before.

I was so quick to think I “earned” something from that week of devotion. I was so quick to get discouraged and listen to the nonsense lies of my enemy and I was quick to forget that yes He calls me “lovely” but I am DARK! (Song of Solomon 1:5) I used to hate this part of a song when I was in my internship in Kansas City house of prayer.

I would raise my hands as my heart was tender until…

“You owe me nothing…(I stayed silent not repeating next line) You owe me nothing but You’ve given me mercy…”

It goes “You owe me nothing, I deserve hell…you owe me nothing but You’ve given me mercy”

That “I deserve hell” part REALLY bothered me. It made me mad in fact. I was saying to myself and the Lord, “I don’t deserve hell! Not anymore, I have You, I’m Yours! This is wrong!”

I didnt understand it at first cause no one ever taught it. The truth about our darkness. John says we love darkness rather than light. (John 3:19) Yes we put away the old man but we are still flesh and wicked minded and weak-this is part of the beauty of His love and sacrifice. We are to be poor in spirit (Matthew 5:3) cause we ARE poor in spirit and will struggle with reflecting His image till the day we’re face to face with Him! I never knew this. I also never read my Bible before. (years in ministry before my life changed after my encounter for 3 years in Kansas City)

1 Corinthians 13-Thats JESUS-Love is a Person!

It’s remembering that it’s about making a choice everyday. To God, with friendships, with my future spouse-every relationship reflects this. Choice dignifies Love (borrowed the phrase) and everyday it’s making a choice, choosing to say Yes, right now this moment. We’re too fickle to say a committed vow once and forever keep it. Everyday, every moment of the day we remember, saying, “I messed up in loving You in the past and I’ll probably mess up again but I wont dwell on that. Right here right now, how can I say Yes to loving You?”

It’s an action, it’s selfless, its a choice. The feeling is a gift and a curse. Our emotions are deceptive, and fleeting. We are flesh. But our spirit is in constant yearning in connection to God. Even if I dont feel it, I choose to love You.  In choice and action…

Keeping the Momentum…

It’s a fight! It’s a battleground! It’s fighting our natural resistance to being still. Waiting.

Someone dear to me emailed this today: (here’s a snippet)

Wait on the Lord -Psalm 27:14

“It may seem an easy thing to wait, but it is one of the postures that a Christian soldier cannot learn without years of teaching. Marching and quick-marching are much easier for God’s warriors than standing still. There are hours of perplexity when the most willing spirit, anxiously desiring to serve the Lord, does not know what role to play. Then what shall it do? Vex itself by despair? Retreat back in cowardice, turn to the right hand in fear, or rush forward in presumption? No, simply wait. Wait in prayer, however. Call upon God, and spread the matter before Him; tell Him your difficulty, and plead His promise of help.”

He is so gracious! So what does that look like? Go into your secret place (whatever that looks like) sit down focused and talk to Him. Genuinely talk to Him and then wait…listen…read about Him, then talk some more, then wait some more…

Now here’s the clincher…do this everyday…It’s hard cause we like being entertained. We’re selfish really, just own up to it already. We are! I lived my life for 4 years sitting in the place of prayer-His house and praying (loving on Him in my worship, my words and actions, letting Him delight in me and talking to Him, asking Him things about Him and my friends and family…ect) and I struggle with being still and praying…

This lifetime on earth right now is one big internship as Mike Bickle says. There’s no rush. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

This blog can go on forever so I’ll stop now. So yea…keeping the momentum…Grace to us all with this in Jesus name, amen!

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I know the end of the story…

Medley’s from this morning’s Prayer Room:

“I know the end of the story, I’ll come up from wilderness leaning on my Beloved…”

“and all I want, is to be near You, with You, where You are…”

“…I am lovesick…”

I am sitting here and I will say honestly, these past two week were extremely difficult. It was that ebb and flow season taking effect and with an entire community feeling it, the heaviness was discouraging. I felt almost numb in the prayer room every day and just couldn’t get into the spirit of prayer or be moved by Him, which is insane you’d say, I know!

The end of last week the heaviness switched from personal discouragement to feeling what He feels and feeling the jealousy for the hearts of everyone around me.

Coming in Monday I was wondering what it was going to look like. The weekend was scattered and mainly a time of rest from migraines, fatigue, ect…

Sitting here I was writing in my journal asking Him to break in our hearts and take us to that place where our hearts, mind feel Him and want nothing else. He is so faithful.

Sitting here listening to first the Jon Thurlow set at 8am-10am then Tim Reihmerr set 10am-12pm my heart came alive and I stopped everything and sat, waiting on Him, soaking, singing over Him my love and waiting. After this past few weeks of difficulty and discouragement I knew again with all confidence… there is no where else I want to be and nothing else I would rather be doing. I miss Jesus every moment I dont feel Him near (He’s always there, I’m the one who isn’t always there with Him, I walked off to roam)  This feeling of being drenched in His love, feeling completely enveloped, strengthened, and driven in Him…Wanting to live pursuing Him and these intimate encounters with Him.

I was telling Him this morning that when I finally see Him face to face, I want to look at Him and know and feel that I KNOW Him, truly know Him… not just be in awe before Glory but feel like I know this friend before me cause we’ve talked, I searched everything I could find on Him to know Him and sought to spend time with Him. I want to see Him and know in me that I KNOW Him, this Man I am betrothed to.

As I sit in the prayer room, I remember why I’m here… “this is why we’re here God, we want to be with you…”

My desire, the reason I get up every morning and come here even when it’s hard is cause I want to be with Him and this place keeps me accountable and surrounded with Him where I can not run away to the distractions of this world and second is, cause I desire everyone in this community (first, then I’ll reach further, the city, the state, our nation) to feel this, want this, and have grace to give themselves to it!

I know the end of the story, I’ll come up from the wilderness leaning on my Beloved…His love is written on my heart, stronger than the grave, nothing can quench it, and there truly is no better love than this… (Songs of Songs)

I pray for grace for all who encounter this moment, this blog and hope for grace that you may draw near to Him for He is faithful and desires to draw near to you… that His word would run swiftly and be glorified in your hearts and lives… may He direct your hearts toward TRUE love and revive you with a holy transformation of light that will ruin you for anything else…

Blessings and Grace!

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Run to the House of God…

“Run to the House of God, in His presence, there is Freedom…”

I’m sitting in the prayer room this Monday morning and as usual the weekend has passed, idle hibernation and the week begins again.

I can not express enough how grateful I am that my current job is to come to the House of the Lord and sit before Him as He kneads and fashions my heart to be more like Him; giving me grace to believe everyday who He says I am, walk it out and love Him more.

Just like with any relationship, it takes being intentional with the one you choose to Love. Getting to know them, making the time to put all else aside and sit with them, talk to them, be with them and share your heart with them-then in that, do we fall in love with them more and more each passing day, each  new encounter.

The Lord has already shared His heart and secrets…in the Word! the Bible… and yet with all that, still… “No eye has seen and no ear has heard the things which He (God, Jesus) has for those who Love Him.”

It never ends, getting to know Him…may our hearts burn, yearning to know Him, and in wanting, actually taking action and doing it…Run to the House of God and seek Him, get to know Him!

It’s not a magic pill you take or a phrase you say and thats it…

It’s like those guys you see in movies, sitting in front of the TV, chugging down a beer, belching at the football game and the woman he’s dating just starring at him, hoping. She asks, “You love me?”

The man on the couch not even taking a beat to look over at her replies, “Yea, I love ya” … cricket cricket….

Sure, he keeps trying to tell her and assure her that he loves her but his actions say nothing of the sort. He’s not intentional toward loving her… God the Father loved us SO much that He gave….He gave… Love is a choice!

Choice dignifies Love…Choice proceeds with ACTION… we do it all the time with the newest “crush”. We do it all the time with our spouses, and latest flings… And yet, we are dumbfounded at how to get closer to God and know Him more.

Was your relationship easy? Did it require willing sacrifice that didn’t feel like sacrifice at all? Did you tell your friends, “Not today” so you could be or pursue to be with the one you liked, loved?

If your “crush”, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse gave you a journal that told you SO much about who they are, why they are who they are, the way they are…their secrets and past history… Would you not read it? Eat it up in one night if you could?

Are you seeing the simplistic beauty of loving God? Jesus, the one who’ll love you like NO other will ever?

“It’s better to take refuge in You, so much better to take refuge in You..” Luke Woods prayer room team

My house will be called a House of Prayer … make them joyful in My house of prayer! -Isaiah 56:7

Run to the House of God! Where ever that is-what ever state you’re in, city; find a House of Prayer and run to it! Find it and take refuge in it! The Lord will and is restoring prayer in the believers of Jesus! As we worship (agree with who He is) and pray (agree with what He already said He wants to do) we will become one with Him and in His house of prayer, one with each other and fall more in fascination, in Love with this Man…Jesus is fully MAN and fully GOD! He’s coming back forever as a MAN! This man is our Bridegroom who is fighting for you day and night, He makes intercession for you day and night! (Hebrews 7:25)

Make the decision today. Forget yesterday, what you did, said…forget last years mistakes or negligence. Don’t worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34) but how can you say “YES” to Him today, right now… Just like in a relationship, it’s you leaving work, or your friends, buying the person you care for their favorite snack, drink, flowers and showing up, surprising them and just telling them you missed them, thought about them, love them… He LOVES the little things! He even writes in His book of remembrance every time we gather together as people and talk about Him…how beautiful and awesome is that! (Malachi 3:16-17)

…well all, going back to song writing… Bless you all

Much L<3Ve and Strawberries ….I love chocolate covered strawberries…just saying…. ::wink::

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I HAVE to share this!

If anyone actually reads this BLOG then I NEED to share this! Normally you’ll read my natural banter of thoughts and heart jealousy for the Bride’s affections for the Bridegroom and in essence, yes! I am still going to share that only, I am actually going to reiterate notes from a teaching at one of the houses of Prayer.

This  is such a crucial fundamental principle that I am eager for all in the House of Prayer here to hear, study, receive this truth!

Teachings called: Apostle John: 3 fold spiritual identity

There are 5 pages of notes and I’m only going to share short points from the last page. Below I’m going to share the links to the notes and VIDEO teaching.

“We must see ourselves differently and change our confession before God. We are those who are loved by Jesus, who lean on His heart and who boldly press into Him to receive His secrets.

Even in our weakness, we are the ones that He deeply loves rather than the ones who are disqualified. He delights in us and considers us lovely and longs to give Himself to us.

We confess, “I am Your beloved, Your favorite one. Your delight is in me. You desire me. You feel about me like the Father feels about You. I belong to You, my Beloved, and You are mind.

*As the Father loved Me, I also have loves you; abide in My love. (John 15:9)

*He delivered me because He delighted in me (Ps. 18:19)

*I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine (Song 6:3)

Next, we set our heart to live as a extravagant lover of Jesus

Then, we commit to position ourselves to receive from His heart by feeding on His Word!

We must agree with john’s confession, I’m loved and am a lover therefore I am successful!

These confession summarize our spiritual identity. We do not define our lives by our struggles. We are not despised of God and hopeless hypocrites. We must live by our spiritual identity (what we look like to God) instead of our natural identity (what we look like to others)”

::end of insert::

Dude, John who knew his identity in Jesus, of ALL the things on his “resume” :i.e. writing 5 books in the WORD of God, friend of Peter, Paul and Mary, Jesus’ mother… Ephesus revival, bishop of  the great revival city of Ephesus…

Of ALL the things he could have referred to regarding himself, he only regarded himself as the “disciple (not apostle, not son of thunder; the disciple) whom Jesus loved”

That’s powerful and John did NOT start out well. Peter was outspoken, but John was zealously of a wrong spirit. He was rebuked 3 times…He didn’t start out well, but there was hope! 70 years later John’s spirit was soooo different. The disciple who leaned on his beloved’s heart! He was the one whom Jesus loved! That was his PRIMARY reward! secondary was ministry, gifts, ect… but his IDENTITY was his primary reward, Jesus, our inheritance!

I encourage you to check out the material!

Much blessings all! 🙂


VIDEO of Teaching:

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Only as a Lifestyle can we survive

Things are not okay right now, and they wont be till You come back”

The weekends always seem to be the hardest for me. Idleness is so easy to creep in. Usually I’m so tired by the time the weekend comes that I hibernate all weekend cutting myself off from all communication.

I watch the TV shows, I have seen the movies, I’ve read the empty magazines and lives of those in the limelight and “things are not okay right now.”

Life as we know it right now; things as they are are NOT okay. We’re walking around wounded, desperate, desiring, hungry, empty, searching and we’re looking for these things to get “fixed” with the things this world feeds us, tells us to fill ourselves with.
We’re convinced that the soothing, calming effects of alcohol, a night dancing your stress away and pleasuring your eyes with some eye candy at a club, finding the closest things we could to “love” in an intimate partner we barely know and are not committed to through the covenant of marriage…we’re convinced through media,Movies unrealistic endings of life in 2 hours, the music videos, the artist we are told to look up to cause their lives seems so amazing compared to our mundane everyday, we’re convinced, they are the answer. That’s the pursuit of happiness, again kudos to the unrealistic facade of the “American Dream.”

Now we have angry drunks, woman murdering babies for the cost of their constant sexual empty pleasures, we have pornographers abusing children, little girls and boys, drugs being used to trap the mind of people who are running away from life, we live by the motto that we’re “EVOLVING” and everything should be allowed.

It's alluring, I know! We're so gullable for eye catching attraction!

Yes! all things are allowed…heck we CAN do whatever the heck we want…but where as a society, as a people has that gotten us? What has allowing us to year by year, push the envelope to see how far we can decline as people, as a society, gotten us?  How FAR do you really want this to go cause in 5 more years, like this; men will be able to rape children on the street and people just pass by feeling nothing about it, it not even phasing them. Murder will be a way to get even with someone with no consequence. Education will be pointless and not necessary for the pursuit of pleasure in life.

How far do you really want to take this cause it’s getting there. What wasnt allowed and considered immoral 5 years ago has become more and more increasingly permissible in the eyes of everyone. Why are 14 year olds talking about sex, allowed to watch movies PG13 that due to their context used to be considered rated R 10 years ago?

Things are NOT okay right now and my heart aches for my friends who have in the church been led to live lives just like everyone else does and it’s considered okay. Now they have found no difference with the world and church so have just given up church and God to live “easier” lives in the world.

Church betrayed, hurt them or were just to hypocritical to continue attending and the genius plan of our nemesis is that we say we’re upset with the church, NOT God…but yet, we have turned from Him and everything He stands for. We chose to be the Harlot who says she loves and is married to her Husband but continues to chase other lovers, broken cisterns, satisfaction for their emptiness in life in through the empty traps this world offers and cunningly lies to you about.

We are all weak and the moment we underestimate that, we’re in BIG trouble. Weekend after weekend as I fall into idleness and Monday comes along where I get to go back to the Prayer Room to be purged and soak I have realized…Looking at my friends status on social networks and seeing how happy they think they are because they finally rid themselves of religion and have found momentary satisfactions that seem to be the answer…as I examine the state of the Body of Christ and wonder why are even churches being led by good, God fearing teachers of the Word still falling apart and filled with struggling Christians?

Why is the Prayer Room or Mission movements like YWAM places where MANY (thousands) of young people (avg. 15-30) choosing to live their lives in prayer and worship, fasting and missions for the poor and needy as their sole occupation and ongoing lifestyle in the pursuit of GOD? Whats the difference cause I don’t want to disregard churches…

LIFESTYLE… thats what hit me this morning…LIFESTYLE…It’s cause, it’s not receiving potentially a Great Word on Sunday and then living life as usual the other 5-6 days a week (some go to a youth group or some sort of ministry activity another day in the week)

I’m in the prayer room 5 days a week (almost all day) and then the weekend comes…2 1/2 days of life as “usual” and I get pummeled those 2 days with weakness, idleness… how much more with 5-6 days a week free of anything God related…sure we say we’re seeking Him in our time at home  and I’m no one to judge someones personal relationship with the Lord but this I will say and I say this through experience as well…

If things were truly getting done at home on our own…why is there no change in the church (the people, the Body of Christ)? Why are things declining to even greater immorality even within the Church. Paul prayed for the Church of Ephesus (city) to get anointed by the Spirit and when a church in just one little city was anointed, ALL of Asia encountered the living GOD and was saved!

This nation would NOT be in the state it’s in if everyone in the Body was truly tending to their Husband at home… and we can only go farther TOGETHER than we can ever alone. Ephesians 3:16-19 That we the Body would comprehend with ALL the saints….ALL…what is the width, height, length and depth of His love! Together will we experience and receive the Fullness of GOD!

What is making thousands of young people CHOOSE to live a life of prayer, fasting, missions as a preparation to Jesus’ return? Living a lifestyle in the Lord which will NOT look anything like this world’s concept of living.

I have said much and I’ll leave it at this for now… Much BLESSINGS!

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My Maker is my Husband…

You delight in me…You delight in us… Today was one of those lethargic mornings where your body refuses to get up and either way, you make it! Even if you snoozed 10 extra minutes along the way. I woke up yearning to be in His temple. I barely had any prayer room time yesterday and this morning I needed it! Yes the Lord is with us  everywhere and I seek to worship Him as a lifestyle and always speak with Him even in all my quirkiness. But here’s the thing… it’s life not being married to your Beloved betrothed yet and still living at home (Let’s go to Jane Austen days) Living at home with Momma, Papa, and 5 other siblings. (all them representing the hectic day always awaiting us, distracting us, taking our attention-good and bad attention; children and family=GOOD attention) and we are LOVESICK to be with our Beloved with Him where He is!

Home creates all sorts of distractions or occupy your time and getting to know your Beloved in those circumstances make it harder. There are different intimate levels within friendships, relationships, courtships, marriage.

To intimately get to know someone, requires us making significant intentional time with them! And let’s face it, as much time as we sometimes gives the Lord is the equivalent to an Appointment and no deeper than that. I assure you, you have made HOURS a day available for a boyfriend, fiance, husband, even just a friend!

We havent truly let Him take His place in the center of our hearts. Notice I said His place, not A PLACE in our hearts; His rightful PLACE in the CENTER of our hearts.

The Father wants a family, the Son wants a Bride! (-Misty Edwards)  Our Maker, the one who fashioned us, formed our hearts, formed our very being in our Mother’s womb, created us, dreamed of us before the foundations of the Earth-that fully MAN full GOD is also our HUSBAND… Do we know what that means? I guess if we did the divorce rate in Christianity alone wouldn’t be at such staggering numbers…

The body is frustrated with God not hearing from heaven and healing our land but yet have NOT done our part to expect and demand from God period! He owes us NOTHING, we DESERVE HELL! ….hence the Father SO loved us, He GAVE! ….He gave His only Son to be torn, broken, He bled for us to be blameless and spotless, holy before the Father in LOVE ready for the WEDDING! There’s a bigger picture here than us just cruising to not get into hell by the end of all this… He created us, this world, there’s so much more to it all, if only we’d READ the Word, the greatest LOVE story every written/told then we’d know!

I want everyday my soul to LONG for Him and nothing more, and that desire WILL be fulfilled…but gradually and will NOT be fulfilled completely till my days on this earth end… then I will be blameless before Him in Love in a resurrected body for all eternity reigning by His side!

We’re reigning WITH Him for all eternity as Bride and Bridegroom…shouldn’t that give men an understanding about their wives and wives about their husbands? Obviously SUBMIT to your husband is more than the literal meaning that has wounded so many relationships and marriages…. (perhaps, something to chew on…how….read the Word, search it out yourself)

I am my Beloved’s and His desire is toward me… I will now sit at His feet and listen to His heart beat jealously for me…. None like Him can compare!

Blessings! Much L<3Ve and Strawberries…

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Forgive the Random Thoughts…

More Momentary Random than Cohesive Story…

So I would like to forgive my first few blogs. Instead of entering into some creative story flow of life here in the House of Prayer in Miami, I’ve been caught up every time I have attempted blogging in the greatness of the set I’m in.

I wanted to make sure to give you all a feel for what’s going on in the prayer room or just IHOP in general especially if you are not there to witness it yourself.

Lately it’s been a building. The Lord has definitely a finger on this HOP (House of Prayer) and is ready to run with those who say Yes! and there will always be those who do cause He’ll find them whether you being asked are ready or not. The hour is urgent and life can not be about when you’re ready to fit Him into your schedule. Whether your mandate is being equipped or spending day and night ministering before Him in a House of Prayer, living a prayer culture at your church, being a burning and shining lamp in the marketplace or whatever else the various body parts within a body can and must do, the hour is urgent!

We must be the John the Baptist forerunners of this age and cry out, sound the alarm, blow the trumpet and let those who are sleeping know, “He’s Alive and He’s coming back for a Bride! will you be a foolish virgin without oil in that day or will you be in the Wedding?!” (Matthew 25)

What I love about the Prayer Room is that it is (and ours will be) a place to encounter Him 24/7 in a community keeping each other accountable and going further together than alone. Those days you’re seeking Him day and night (Psalm 27:4 ONE THING I desire of the Lord, and that I will seek; that I may dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life, gazing upon His beauty and inquiring of Him in His temple!) those days when you are not feeling like opening your bible, singing on that worship team, prayer leader that meeting, or just sitting there after you sacred trusted yourself 4pm to 8pm ….that best thing is looking over and seeing So and So running with you, doing this with you and you know they truly LOVE you and want you to go further. It’s that encouragement, edification He intended us to be for one another.

I’m excited as I see how His plan to bring the body of Christ in UNITY (Psalm 133) and is even kind to promise a blessing for the Body when they finally come together in ONE spirit. Where they will be so united that together in ONE spirit, the Spirit of God and the Bride will cry out for THE BRIDEGROOM God Jesus to “COME!” …

“The Joy of Being LOVESICK, it’s the pleasures of loving Him” (Cory Asbury’s 10pm team at

I will keep you all updated on all the great things…well, probably not all since unfortunately I’m running around or just soaking in Him and not recording it all cause He’s just too vast and awesome to capture in His entirety in this one place! But as much as I can invite you in, I will!

Blessings to you all! Grace Grace! And may we meet if not now then on the other side of Eternity! May we continue to be Lovesick for eternity and the KING whom we’ll reign all eternity with!

Much L<3VE and strawberries…not a fan of peaches ::wink::

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