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Whirlwind…Welcome Back…


I just spent two weeks in Orlando for the 2012 Circuit Riders training. What’s a Circuit Rider? Well it was these guys long time ago from the Methodist movement who rode horses all their lives; town to town burning in their hearts to share the simple truth-gospel-good news about Jesus to anyone who’d listen. Well last year an angel showed up and said “its time for the Circuit Riders to return and trumpet one message; “Jesus is coming back!” 6 Cities, hundreds gathering from all over hungry for Revival: Reviving that which is dead or once alive. Save the Lost. Revive the Saved. Train Them All. That’s the motto.

Those 2 weeks were a whirlwind for me! So much was being provoked within me, much was being pulled out of me and much was made more clearly defined within me as well. For just two weeks, let me tell you; I felt like I went away for 3 months! Returning back home has been interesting. Most of us returned sick as dogs. The schedule was intense so I just believe our immune systems were weak at this point. A week being back has gone by with a blink of an eye. I remember aching for this little red room, missing spending long hours with Jesus in the prayer room. Now being back, getting back into the flow of things has felt so difficult.

All in all, I know that the Sounding of the Alarm to the Body of Christ to return to their first love-know this God and King who is your Bridegroom burning with love for you is vital in this hour!

Provoking the Body of Christ-the Bride of Christ to sit at His feet in a culture of prayer is key to her
survival! Revival hinges on there being a revived, awakened more mature Bride, believers who will lay a foundation and be available for a harvest of lost ones being found in Christ to come. With revelation now of the ache of an evangelist (which I am not-and I realized, that’s okay! We can’t do it all) I partner in prayer and song with them and call forth LIFE!

During these 2 weeks, I felt the Lord was calling me deeper. Now I have felt this for some time but perhaps parts of me didn’t want to give up even legitimate pleasures of this world as a sacrifice and big gesture to the One I claim to love. In the midst of everything I realized that I want to know Him. Things as they are can not be enough. They aren’t enough. And nothing I run to here to numbingly help me escape satisfies. “To the measure I talk to the Spirit is to the measure I will walk in the Spirit!” Why? Because I have to? No! I get to! I get to KNOW God! Seriously, think about that statement. What other “god”  is motivated by true selfless love who says, “You can intimately KNOW Me?” How humble! What’s 70 years on this earth compared to Forever?

He desires HOLINESS! 

Being Back…

It’s been weird but today was a nice reminder. Spending time with my crazy Worship team makes allows me to remember the great people I get to run this race with and how blessed I am to have each and every one of them in my life!

Its going to be a very interesting season ahead. Will be teaching more consistently and pushing myself in areas of music and worship. Embarking on a scary, expectant journey the Lord’s mapped out for me for the next few months and I’m still processing how I feel about all that.

Well…here’s a random quick update. More to come and more frequently!

He is so patient and kind…Time is your friend…not your enemy. Grace and Blessings to you and yours!


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April Update

Check out the rest of the update on my NEWSLETTER page

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A.W. Tozer’s prayer and plea

Attributes of God-Volume II by A.W. Tozer


Introduction: God’s Character

…So I only have this one hope: As the poor little donkey rebuked the madness of the prophet and as the rooster crowed one night to arouse the apostle and bring him to repentance, so God may take me and use me. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of the little donkey, so I pray that He may be willing to ride out before the people on such an unworthy instrument as I.


It is utterly necessary that we know this God, this One that John wrote about, this One that the poet speaks about, this One that theology talks about, and this One that we’re sent to preach and teach about. It is absolutely, utterly and critically necessary that we know this One, for you see, man fell when he lost his right concept of God.


As long as man trusted God everything was all right; human beings were healthy and holy (or at least innocent), and pure and good. But then the devil came along and threw a question mark into the mind of the woman: “And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said…?” (Genesis 3:1). This was equivalent to sneaking around behind God’s back and casting doubt on the goodness of God. And then began the progressive degeneration downward.


When the knowledge of God began to go out of the minds of men, we got into the fix that we’re in now:


Romans 1:21-28


The first chapter of Romans ends with a terrible charge of unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness and all the long, black list of crimes and sins that man has been guilty of. All that came about because man lost his confidence in God. He didnt know God’s character. He didnt know what kind of God God was. He got all mixed up about what God was like. Now the only way back is to have restored confidence in God. And the only way to have restored confidence in God is to have restored knowledge of God.


I began with the text, “And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee” (Psalm 9:10) The word “name” means character, plus reputation. “And they that know what kind of God thou art will put their trust in thee.” We wonder why we dont have faith; the answer is, faith is confidence in the character of God and if we dont know what kind God God is, we cant have faith.




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What is an Intercessory Missionary?

“So what do you do for a living? You go to school? Work?”

“yea, I’m a prayer missionary at a House of Prayer?”

“huh? But you live in Florida?”

“yes, I’m a missionary for this nation and state. I pray…that’s my job…”

::confused look during awkward silence:: cue in the crickets…

I find myself this morning sitting in the prayer room, so thankful to my Beautiful, Kind, Merciful, Soveriegn God for creating is for encounter with Him. I love my job and though many do not understand it, I stand in awe of how such a seemingly simple life brings such fulfillment. So much in this world tries to out glam God. So much we’re surrounded by tries to steal our attention, affections, fascination. Sitting in a sometimes empty room, something half full room, listening to heart moved love songs to Him, inquiring of His word, and then it happens… feel the whisper of His love that overcomes me and nothing else matters but to stay in that moment with Him forever…

I stumbled on a blog entry that I appreciated much; describing what is an “Intercessory Missionary”? Thats a very common question I get from people.

The gentlemans name is Joshua Hawkins. Check out this blog entry.

Here are some quotes from the blog to catch your curiosity perhaps:

An intercessory missionary is a “missionary“ in the sense that they dedicate their lives in ministry for Jesus and for others like a traditional missionary does. But rather than exclusively serving through mercy deeds, their service is first and primarily through ministry to Jesus in night and day worship and prayer. The motivation and biblical support for an intercessory missionary comes from various passages, including:

  • The story of Mary of Bethany inMatthew 26:6-13, who saw the true worth of Jesus, and where Jesus linked her example of extravagant devotion to the preaching of the gospel
  • The preeminence of Christ in all things fromColossians 1:18, where the ultimate goal of the Father is that Jesus might be seen as supreme in all things
  • The words of Jesus inLuke 18:1-8, where Jesus exhorts the righteous to cry out in prayer day and night for faith in an ultimate and lasting justice to be established at the second coming of Jesus
  • The exhortation of Jesus inMatthew 9:37-38, saying “pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers” for witnesses to be raised up proclaiming the Day of the LORD, the restoration of all things, and the coming kingdom of God
  • Inspiration from Anna inLuke 2:36-38, where she fasted and prayed in the temple day and night for decades unto the first coming of Christ
  • The ministry of John the Baptist as a messenger of repentance and bold proclaimer of the Day of the Lord

The practical outworking of a traditional missionary flows from the place of night and day ministry unto the Lord. These are the “good works that we were created for” (Ephesians 2:10), including hands-on service to others, feeding the poor, and aiding the widow and orphan – works that show forth the compassion of Jesus and help others put their hope completely in His return.

“Not only has God made the accomplishment of his global purposes of salvation hang on the preaching of the Word; he has also made the success of the preaching of the Word hang on prayer. God’s goal to be glorified in a world full of white-hot worshippers from every people and tongue and tribe and nation will not succeed without the powerful proclamation of the gospel by people like you and me. And that gospel will not be proclaimed in power to all the nations without the persevering, earnest, global, faith-filled prayers of God’s people. This is the awesome place of prayer in the purposes of God for the world. They won’t happen without prayer.” – Prayer: The work of missions – John Piper, 1988

So the question is: How can we endure? How can we be found with faith and love? How can we avoid being like Lot’s wife and like those who are left in judgment? So Jesus tells a parable to give the answer. And it is one of the few parables which he interprets for us lest we miss the point. Luke 18:1tells us the point of the parable: “And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.” Jesus’ answer to the question how to endure to the end is, Pray! Pray! Pray! And don’t grow weary of praying.” – Always Pray and Do Not Lose Heart – John Piper

The ultimate reason for night and day prayer – the worth of Jesus

Right now, the prayer ministry across the earth is weak, but the Lord is strengthening it in ways we have never seen before in history. I firmly believe that the expression of prayer in the church across the world will move from the one-hour prayer meeting on a Wednesday night in the pastor’s basement to the forefront of the hearts and minds of everyone in the body of Christ.

Even though we would all agree that the prayer ministry is very important and necessary, prayer is for much more than “getting from God what we need”, because He knows our needs before we even ask Him. Prayer does not force God’s hand to do anything, nor is prayer a “formula” to obtain God’s power for self-exaltation and pride. Prayer is about a humble interaction, dialog, and relationship. When God answers prayer and gives us foretastes of the age to come when He will reign in righteousness, His glory is magnified and it exhilarates us. Being connected at the heart level with God and seeing His answers to our prayers causes us to devote ourselves to Him in a greater way and proclaim His word and His return with boldness. Intimacy and relationship with God is the primary reason that the church will always be engaged in prayer, because relationship with His people is what He has longed for from the beginning.

Definitely check out the rest of his blog. Well written. Couldnt say better myself, hence I didn’t try and left it to him. ::wink::


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I HAVE to share this!

If anyone actually reads this BLOG then I NEED to share this! Normally you’ll read my natural banter of thoughts and heart jealousy for the Bride’s affections for the Bridegroom and in essence, yes! I am still going to share that only, I am actually going to reiterate notes from a teaching at one of the houses of Prayer.

This  is such a crucial fundamental principle that I am eager for all in the House of Prayer here to hear, study, receive this truth!

Teachings called: Apostle John: 3 fold spiritual identity

There are 5 pages of notes and I’m only going to share short points from the last page. Below I’m going to share the links to the notes and VIDEO teaching.

“We must see ourselves differently and change our confession before God. We are those who are loved by Jesus, who lean on His heart and who boldly press into Him to receive His secrets.

Even in our weakness, we are the ones that He deeply loves rather than the ones who are disqualified. He delights in us and considers us lovely and longs to give Himself to us.

We confess, “I am Your beloved, Your favorite one. Your delight is in me. You desire me. You feel about me like the Father feels about You. I belong to You, my Beloved, and You are mind.

*As the Father loved Me, I also have loves you; abide in My love. (John 15:9)

*He delivered me because He delighted in me (Ps. 18:19)

*I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine (Song 6:3)

Next, we set our heart to live as a extravagant lover of Jesus

Then, we commit to position ourselves to receive from His heart by feeding on His Word!

We must agree with john’s confession, I’m loved and am a lover therefore I am successful!

These confession summarize our spiritual identity. We do not define our lives by our struggles. We are not despised of God and hopeless hypocrites. We must live by our spiritual identity (what we look like to God) instead of our natural identity (what we look like to others)”

::end of insert::

Dude, John who knew his identity in Jesus, of ALL the things on his “resume” :i.e. writing 5 books in the WORD of God, friend of Peter, Paul and Mary, Jesus’ mother… Ephesus revival, bishop of  the great revival city of Ephesus…

Of ALL the things he could have referred to regarding himself, he only regarded himself as the “disciple (not apostle, not son of thunder; the disciple) whom Jesus loved”

That’s powerful and John did NOT start out well. Peter was outspoken, but John was zealously of a wrong spirit. He was rebuked 3 times…He didn’t start out well, but there was hope! 70 years later John’s spirit was soooo different. The disciple who leaned on his beloved’s heart! He was the one whom Jesus loved! That was his PRIMARY reward! secondary was ministry, gifts, ect… but his IDENTITY was his primary reward, Jesus, our inheritance!

I encourage you to check out the material!

Much blessings all! 🙂


VIDEO of Teaching:

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‘Revelation 4 & 5: The Lord says, “I LIKE MUSIC! This is why I pulled the veil back to show you what is around my throne.” The Lord say, “DON’T STOP SINGING to ME!”-David Futrell

David Futrell posted this on the IHOP Miami facebook site and it truly struck my heart. A concept so many of us think we know and truly get. It’s crazy cause much of what we know of God is head knowledge but true understanding hasnt set in yet. Even still there are and forever will be levels of understanding because of who God is and how vast the Holy of Holies is! Music is a person’s heart expression; passion manifested in a moving language ALL can feel, understand and experience.

It’s in our DNA because our Maker is enveloped in music, His creation.

“To worship You I live, I live to worship You…” -Matt Gilman’s Wednesday night team

Worship is a Lifestyle but there is no coincidence we are moved most when our expression of Worship is done through music, song. Even a dancer is moved by music, the singer flows with music.

It is our Heavenly DNA, “music” -our hearts come alive!

The Lord told David clearly as David was in the prayer room worshiping, contemplating, journaling… David said I like music and the Lord said with emphasis, “I LIKE MUSIC!”

Music is in us and we are so powerfully moved by music and we should be moved by it but  not from secular topics but those of fascination of the Man Jesus, God the Father of Glory and the Holy Spirit who gives us revelation into the mystery and Jesus!

I wont develop this much cause it wasn’t my revelation but it definitely hit me like an arrow… what’cha think?


Much L<3Ve and Strawberries…like I said, not a fan of  Peaches! ::wink::

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“Your Merciful Grace always heals me…”

Morning thoughts on Healing…

The past few days I’ve been suffering a lot of back pain. Since I was young I have always suffered back pain but there would be periods of time that were worse than others.

In the past year, the really bad days have been more few than many. I almost got used to not having the past weeks. Yesterday and today have been the worse in a long time.

I woke up this morning and I was driving to the prayer room wondering for a split second, “Lord why don’t you heal when we pray?”

That all came about before when I thought about my back pain and thought about praying for someone we know whose a drummer and has needed prayer for back pain. I was thinking, what if He said, “Would you be willing to take on his pain because you are praying for his healing… if he was healed would you be willing to carry that?” and I thought, “Well it would suck, let’s be honest, but if You asked me to, yes I would.”

Then my moment of why aren’t we getting healed when we pray Lord?!

Then it hit me… It’s not about getting frustrated, hurt or angry at God but wondering how far off are we the Body of Christ that we pray so much and still people don’t get healed… and even the one genuine man with faith cant be released fully when he prays cause then the Body would gaze on a man and not GOD!

He said greater works than these, He said He’d pour out His Spirit over ALL flesh but as we contend day after day and discouragement settles in (it did for me), desiring evermore that the Church, the Body of Jesus Christ (Everyone professing Jesus) come together as ONE mind, one heart-seeking first the kingdom and His righteousness! Loving what He loves and hating what He hates. Then He can trust us to steward these outpourings of His Spirit’s supernatural provision (financially, healing, spiritual condition, ect…)

That’s just one of my thoughts…onward to the next…new blog!

Much L<3Ve and Strawberries…

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Forgive the Random Thoughts…

More Momentary Random than Cohesive Story…

So I would like to forgive my first few blogs. Instead of entering into some creative story flow of life here in the House of Prayer in Miami, I’ve been caught up every time I have attempted blogging in the greatness of the set I’m in.

I wanted to make sure to give you all a feel for what’s going on in the prayer room or just IHOP in general especially if you are not there to witness it yourself.

Lately it’s been a building. The Lord has definitely a finger on this HOP (House of Prayer) and is ready to run with those who say Yes! and there will always be those who do cause He’ll find them whether you being asked are ready or not. The hour is urgent and life can not be about when you’re ready to fit Him into your schedule. Whether your mandate is being equipped or spending day and night ministering before Him in a House of Prayer, living a prayer culture at your church, being a burning and shining lamp in the marketplace or whatever else the various body parts within a body can and must do, the hour is urgent!

We must be the John the Baptist forerunners of this age and cry out, sound the alarm, blow the trumpet and let those who are sleeping know, “He’s Alive and He’s coming back for a Bride! will you be a foolish virgin without oil in that day or will you be in the Wedding?!” (Matthew 25)

What I love about the Prayer Room is that it is (and ours will be) a place to encounter Him 24/7 in a community keeping each other accountable and going further together than alone. Those days you’re seeking Him day and night (Psalm 27:4 ONE THING I desire of the Lord, and that I will seek; that I may dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life, gazing upon His beauty and inquiring of Him in His temple!) those days when you are not feeling like opening your bible, singing on that worship team, prayer leader that meeting, or just sitting there after you sacred trusted yourself 4pm to 8pm ….that best thing is looking over and seeing So and So running with you, doing this with you and you know they truly LOVE you and want you to go further. It’s that encouragement, edification He intended us to be for one another.

I’m excited as I see how His plan to bring the body of Christ in UNITY (Psalm 133) and is even kind to promise a blessing for the Body when they finally come together in ONE spirit. Where they will be so united that together in ONE spirit, the Spirit of God and the Bride will cry out for THE BRIDEGROOM God Jesus to “COME!” …

“The Joy of Being LOVESICK, it’s the pleasures of loving Him” (Cory Asbury’s 10pm team at

I will keep you all updated on all the great things…well, probably not all since unfortunately I’m running around or just soaking in Him and not recording it all cause He’s just too vast and awesome to capture in His entirety in this one place! But as much as I can invite you in, I will!

Blessings to you all! Grace Grace! And may we meet if not now then on the other side of Eternity! May we continue to be Lovesick for eternity and the KING whom we’ll reign all eternity with!

Much L<3VE and strawberries…not a fan of peaches ::wink::

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A Cliche birthed into Reality…

How everything changed in ONE day… it’s true!

Funny enough I have just today even found proof, that all can change in ONE day.

This is my new BLOG! After feeling very stuck with no direction, I felt as though I was reaching my last straw screaming in empty rooms full of people crying out the God, “There must be more than this!”

I have been probably crying that exact phrase out for over 5 years to the Lord. In a matter of ONE day, He threw a new purpose, great long term direction and more my way!

After leaving Kansas City (spent three years at the International House of Prayer over there and returned recently) and returning home, I was beyond thrilled to be with my family again. That was it though, my family; the only thing bringing me and keeping me here. Keeping me here only because I had NO direction, options, opened doors asking me to walk in. I began to create any distraction possible. I attempted to go to school thinking one; it’s what my Mom wanted (beauty school) and two thinking maybe I’m suppose to just work and …honestly, I don’t know what I thought. I need to keep busy and feel as though I was heading towards something!

As school went on, I started developing a fast paced case of carpal tunnel on both hands. That kind a puts a damper on all things beauty school. Even my guitar playing suffered (I had also joined a band). I really started feeling as though everything was falling apart. Even the two things that gave me a sense of any direction were being taken away once again due to one more health issue to add to the already long list.

Last thing I knew to be was Miami having an International House of Prayer of their on in the making. After following the bread crumbs back I sat in that prayer room and in 10 minutes I knew! I cried in His  presence that felt like HOME. Love found me a home again and it felt great. Nothing else compared, nothing else mattered and there was nothing else I wanted. My heart came alive again, my mind raced with hungry for Truth and Knowledge again. In my mind I told Him, (Him is Jesus, you know, my Beloved…yea that Him) “this is where I’m suppose to be.”

My logistic mind ran with thoughts about school, money, my Mom’s thoughts of dropping everything and be an Anna (as someone told me once) in the House of the Lord.

Crazy enough (and I wont get into details) EVERYTHING, every detail fell into place, even details that may be considered unfortunate. Timing was genius on His part. Now, here I am. Witnessing before my very eyes Him shining His light and building Himself the House of Prayer in Miami. So this is my journey, this is the Hope of my Calling in Him, and I love that I get to share this with others, especially here, go figure; my old hometown. A place I NEVER intended on ever coming back to and yet, it was still just a portion of  His greater plan.

Below will be a Blog post from my personal Blog ( This was written a month and a half before the great day event that changed EVERYTHING! I chuckled as I read through it today. I read it cause someone commented about it… It may seem like a lot, but even if you just skim through it, you’ll get the gist of it.


“It’s Saturday afternoon…a gorgeous Saturday afternoon might I add- and it’s I would say a pensive one at that. Have you had those moments where the day is just passing by as if it were a montage scene in a movie where the character is just doing a routine at home; washing clothes, eating breakfast, checking emails, chatting with house residents, ect…

Then you break out of the moment, take a breath and look at your surroundings. The fresh air dances around your sheer curtains, the sky between your slightly opened vertical blinds is a brilliant clear bright blue. The music plays in the background almost encouraging your movie moment. Your desires, hopes, goals seem more urgent, fervent. Things you want to do pile up in this overwhelming clutter in your head. I’m sorry, I’m speaking in code here I know, and if you’re waiting for the detailed point of all this, I apologize ahead because you really aren’t going to get it in a blog, if at all. (only because technically, we’re strangers and it just wouldn’t be appropriate…or sane. You understand right? It’s me AND you. Let us not tell lies here. ::wink and a chuckle:: forgive the melodramatics- they’re kicking in early).

It is just one of those days where life kinda paused for a moment and clarity, reality settled in. Choices we make and the reasons behind them. You try not to hold any feelings of anger towards how things have turned out or must be for now and look at the loved ones you are surrounded by and know they need you, are there for you.

Apart of you still wonders if this box you never seem to get out of will crack open a window or lend a friendly door leading towards forward movement.

Ok, after all the “poetic” babble, here’s plain English…

I want to get the heck out of MIAMI!  This place has a way of drowning you. I’ve grown up here most of my life thus far and then got to leave for 3 years to a place more Night than Miami’s Day. It was blissful. I don’t see myself going back to this place cause I was there for as long as I needed to be. As of now I’m in this limbo waiting for what’s next. The thing is, if you asked me, “Well, where do you want to go?” I wouldn’t have an answer for you. I’ve never really been anywhere else to know. I do at least know, I want to stay on the East Coast. Where on the East Coast is a “fabulous” question. I’ve never liked planning. I’ve always been more spontaneous. I’ve never wanted to plan even as far ahead as next weekend.

My philosophy is, “you never know”. You never know when something will come up. When someone will find the thing or place to be that day. Most people don’t really stick to their longer term commitments anyway and sadly, I’m a bit of a brat when it comes to doing something you said was going to be done. For example; If you said, “Hey, next month on the weekend of the (insert date here) we’re going to Orlando” or ” the museum” or whatever, and then that day comes and I’m all excited. Waited, remembered the exact day and time we were leaving, then the day comes and, “Just kidding, we’re not going…sorry…”

Yea, not much of a fan, so I don’t always plan far ahead.

My point was, that I’m waiting for life to surprise me. Take me on a adventure. There is definitely much I want to do, experience and see that the possibilities are endless.

Some of you might be saying, “Well, hey! Stop whining, and get out there! Just do it! Jump in and run around no apologies!”

Here’s the thing. I do know this much. With everything I want to do and see; I don’t want or need Empty Ventures. I dont want or need Empty rooms full of people. I don’t want or need long Empty evenings masking hurt, doubt, confusion, unanswered question, shaky foundations.

When I do get out there and find adventure (if that’s whats in the cards for me) I want to walk away from each and every experience feeling that thing you feel when you turn around facing where you have just been and Sigh with a crooked smile. Knowing inside that you’ll always carry that day, that 5 second moment, that place in that Life collage stored away where only you access and choose to share.”

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