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Project Inspired-Inspiration & Life advice for Christian girls


I stumbled across something very interesting today. A friend on Facebook posted about this model who was labeled in recent articles as the:

Christian Model Says ‘Cosmo’ Has the Devil Written All Over It


At first I overlooked the Facebook post. Later this evening it caught my attention again so I decided to check it out. To my surprise it’s a movement this young woman is launching for young women, girls and teens everywhere.

The last time I got this excited about a writer was when a friend introduced me to “Leslie Ludy’s” books! Which I HIGHLY recommend if you’re a young woman or even if you are not. She has some amazing download of wisdom in reference to relational dynamics between men and women and where some of our “special” behavior comes from.

Image (site where you could find Leslie Ludy’s books. First read “Authentic Beauty” then move unto “Set-Apart Femininity” and then “Answering the Guy Question”…

“Project Inspired” was released by a model/actress who one day realized that all the money and fame in the world, would never amount to happiness. How did she know? She watched many celebrity “friends” in her circle live it and live it miserably, lost, and empty. One of them even died as a consequence of their reckless “living-it-up” lifestyle.

From her site:

“I always wanted to be famous.

I had been modeling and acting since I was 5 years old.  I had been with the same agency in Portland, Oregon for about 8 years, and had appeared in numerous publications, ads, magazines, television commercials.  I had my own checking account by the age of 12, and saw billboards with my face on them as I was being driven to junior high  dances.    But I was a  ”big fish in a small pond”.   I was ready for the big time, and wanted to make it in Hollywood.”

“I moved to Hollywood at the age of 16 and plunged headfirst into the task of becoming an “it” girl. Although I was still in high school, I partied with well-known actors, had an all-access pass to the hottest clubs, and mingled with the see-and-be-seen celebrities. But because I was young and naïve, I neglected the most basic things that actually would help me achieve my goal of fame: getting a headshot and a resume, taking advanced  acting classes, making sure I got enough sleep at night.”

“At 23, I fell into a deep depression. I felt helpless and foolish that had I allowed myself to get into this position. With no college degree and no alternate plan for my life, I knew I had made a huge mistake. I didn’t know where to go.

I turned to every self-help book available: The Law of Attraction, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, all the Anthony Robbins books – but nothing helped me.

Then everything changed.

Every single night I would look up into the stars and pray for a miracle. I completely gave my life to God. I asked for guidance to lift me out of the horrible situation I was in.  I saw what “making it” did to others in this industry and knew I didn’t want that for my life.  It was at that point that I realized my great truth:

Everything I went through – all I experienced in that dark city – was for a bigger purpose.

<end quote>

Her visually accessible and appealing site is full of forums, and articles she writes herself about fashion, celebrities, and God. She engages with her readers and passionately pursues spreading a message of truth and real beauty only found in Christ. This world has a warped perception of beauty and are training up the past and future generations to think this way. I admire this young woman who the Lord has given a taste of the truth behind the veil of this world; Hollywood and filled her up with wisdom and revelation unto a greater truth and purpose for life. Now she is a voice for the younger female generation who are captivated and fascinated not with Jesus but with glitz and glam and fame of it all; and are modeling their every decision on what this world of Hollywood emulates off of one another. The Lord has directed her to lead an honest and open relationship with her readers by answering the hard questions that churches today are not really asking for themselves, less answering for young teens and young adults who are struggling daily with temptations the world and media claim are normal.

Check out her site, Facebook and twitter pages.

There is a petition on CHANGE.ORG right now that is trying to put a stop to the easy access pornographic magazines that are sold to any age in stores everywhere. Cosmopolitan Magazine features minors, targets minors with celebrity minors while promoting detail, outrageously inappropriate sex-driven pornographic context that I dont believe anyone of any age should be reading but even more so our younger female and male generations.

SIGN THE PETITION! They need 50,000 signatures!

Cosmopolitan Is Aggressively Marketing Explicit Porn Tips to Minors, Put Cosmo In a Non-Transparent Wrapper and Sold to Adults Only!

Support a movement!

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