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Interesting in volunteering at the House of Prayer in Miami? Are you a Musician, Singer, Intercessor? Check out our website and contact us!

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IHOP MIAMI has extended prayer room hours!!!



NIGHT & DAY Conference

May 11-12




2012 update on IHOP MIAMI

It’s a new year and the Lord has been gracious to us. He longs to be gracious. How beautiful is our God. On January 2nd, the IHOP Miami staff had an annual vision casting meeting to discuss and search out the Lord’s heart on what He is saying and wanting to do in this season.

We’re excited to see all He will do and already have a few things on the calendar!

1. Prayer Room hours are expanding a bit. We are adding a couple of extended into the evening hours.

Mondays 12p-6pm -Tuesday 930a-430pm (soon to extend till 7pm) – Wednesday 930a-430pm Thursday 930a-430pm -Friday 930a-6pm

Saturdays are our ALL day prayer room hours. 10AM-10PM

We have a corporate worship service Saturday nights from 730p-930p

more updates to come!


August 12 & 13

visit www.ihopmiami.org for more details -email  INFO@ihopmiami.org

IHOP Miami’s Transition

The International House of Prayer-Miami is currently in an exciting transitional stage this holiday season. At the commencement of the New Year we will be entering into a period of preparation for the purpose of building the House of Prayer in Miami. We are excited to share with you the many new phases we will be walking into in this season. For instance, many of our current staff members will be regularly receiving further training, as well as participating in team building at the Orlando House of Prayer with the intention and desire of constructing a firm foundation by which IHOP-Miami can build on for years to come.  Over the next four to six months we will be working through finding a more permanent place to host the prayer room, possibly closer to the Florida International University (F.I.U.) central campus.  We have been feeling the tug of God’s heart for the young adults and college students of South Florida.

In addition, we will have the pleasure of holding monthly solemn assembly prayer meetings in various locations around our great city in place of our usual meetings in our current location. We will also be hosting week-long equipping sessions through our Forerunner School of Ministry, which will be available to the public.  We will be providing more specifics as the year starts. We would like to personally give thanks to Doral Vineyard Church for their significant partnership and continued support of IHOP-Miami. We want to assure friends of IHOP-Miami that we, as staff, have every intention in continuing to fervently maintain lifestyles of prayer, fasting and studying the Word throughout this time. We are overwhelmed with gratitude by your contributions and would like to extend our appreciation for your continued support and prayers.


David Futrell, Director of International House of Prayer-Miami



OHOP here we come…

The IHOP Miami staff is heading tomorrow to Orlando House of Prayer. About 2 to 3 weeks ago we had a team from OHOP with Carlos Sarmiento come down and bless us and the church community! Many things shifted and began to move forward for us after their visit.

We are now extremely thrilled to one, get away and have a mini vacation and two, see what the Lord may have in store for all of us and even perhaps just certain individuals.

Will update on our return next week!

July 2010 IHOP News::

The past  few weeks have been interesting due to many changes and just things that have come up.

CONSTRUCTION/RENOVATION: The past two weeks the Doral Vineyard building and church where IHOP Miami gather has been on going some renovations requiring bulldozing some walls and doors down. In the midst of the pause we’ve had to put a halt on most IHOP Miami events and with that theres been a time of reflection, soul searching. There has been much need in the surrounding communities, let’s just say a lot has happened and we as full time staff here have realized the weight of what we are a part of and what it entails.

This place is such a blessing for me and I continue to pray for much GRACE to walk this out and steward rightly everything that comes with -heart changes, transformation, testing, growing, molding which can sometimes feel as though it hurts.

We’re excited about the FALL semester of FSM coming up soon! We’ll post classes and schedules soon!


Everyone welcome Heather Rodriguez who moved back home to Miami from Kansas City after over 2 years to help build the House of Prayer in Miami!

Heather and I have been best friends for over 5 years and have known each other for 8 years. We have seem each other grow, mature, experience new heights with the Lord and I am honored to walk this journey with her! The Lord is bringing them! 🙂

FSM Summer Intensive

It’s a 5 week summer intensive aiming to equip the body of believers (especially the young generation finding themselves free in the summer days) in the vision and practical life application of a lifestyle of prayer in the House of Prayer.

When: June 22nd Tuesday and Thursdays 12pm to 4pm till July 20th

Where: IHOP Miami (www.ihopmiami.org /currently you can also check out http://www.ihop-miami.org)


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