More than Meets the Eye

“When we arrive at Eternity’s shore, where death is just a memory and tears are no more, we’ll enter in as the Wedding bells ring, Your bride will come together and we’ll sing…You’re beautiful!”

This is who I am, I am my Beloved’s and His desire and delight is toward me…

I live to stand before Him in His House of Prayer and be a forerunner crying out in this dry, broken land, “There’s something bigger going on, there’s something bigger than me…People get ready! Jesus is coming… He’s Holy!”

September of 2009 the Lord created certain circumstances causing me to move back home after 3 years in Kansas City, Missouri where I was learning about prayer, the bible and Jesus. I honestly dreaded coming back fearing that the reality I left Florida in would still be here 3 years later. I left Miami desperate for something more, for anything that could point me towards authentic Christianity. After finding that and feeling as though I jumped into a deep, deep body of thick water but still knowing that was only the surface of it all, if that; I could not go back to not having that lifestyle.
I returned to Miami with my pouted lip not understanding what He was doing at this point in my life. I was also going through many health issues that continued to come against me in new ways. I felt physically and spiritually defeated. A few weeks later, my friend stumbled upon Facebook and saw that someone was starting up a House of Prayer here in Miami. My heart leaped within me. I could not believe that the revelation of what He showed me (and many others), found its way here in Miami! I obviously underestimate my God’s great ability to lead & His desire for Miami more than my own. All in due time lined up for me to join the House of Prayer here and connect with the Director, David Futrell who the Lord had trained and gripped with the revelation of the fasted lifestyle and prayer years before.
It will be two years in March that I have been connected with International House of Prayer Miami. (MHOP was already taken at the moment. By the time it wasn’t, we already established the brand IHOP-MIAMI. Many people have asked about why aren’t we called Miami HOP)

This ministry has been in the pioneering years. Miami is a dark city full of lusts and immorality and vain ambitions. Miami leads the nation in abortions. About 6 babies are murdered daily in Miami…daily! Past statistics placed Miami number 3 in the nation for human trafficking. There are many countless injustices in the world today and it aches my heart because it aches my Father’s heart who yearns for those He dreamed up before the foundations of the earth.

I have sat in the House of the Lord which He set the identity of, and placed a banner over called Prayer (Isaiah 56:7/Matt 21:12-13). I have felt the delight of His heart, I have wrestled with my flesh countless times, wanting to run out of that room. I have burned with zealous anger like Peter with his sword cutting the soldiers ear off. I have felt that over iron sharpening iron circumstances, social injustices,  the worlds constant campaign for darkness and not just captivating the world who can not be found in fault with that which they have yet to know, but believers in the God made flesh, who have peered in the face of Righteousness and truth becoming fascinated with the alluring lesser pleasures of this world.

I have been led not by man but by the God I have come to know in the place of prayer and have been taught the word and truth and mysteries of this Beautiful Wonder-ful, living God by God, His faithful Spirit who chose to dwell within me forever so I could know God!

I am an Intercessory Missionary. I stand in the gap for this nation. Yes, Africa needs help, and many other poor, war stricken nations…but America needs someone fighting for her. She is lost in the luxury of her own comforts and has been puffed up with the lie that she is above it all. The “it won’t happen to me” syndrome, I like to call it. And as a recent song Misty Edwards recently released in her “Measure of Love” EP, The Harlot, “I saw that it was me, she was me and I knew I was guilty, guilty…”  Here is what I want every person in this nation to come to know. In that same song,  she sings as the Harlot, “Face down, tangled hair everywhere…I wept and wept…I saw His feet, those beautiful feet walk towards me…He placed His hand on my shoulder and said…Father I desire, that she would be with Me where I am!”

We are guilty…but O! When we realize what this Man, this God thinks of us, about us, it will ruin us and forever change us, if we surrender to it daily, saying Yes every day to Him.

My heart is gripped for the body of Christ. As many in the church are gripped for the lost soul, praise the Lord that the body has many functions. I have a burden for the souls already in the body. We need a great awakening and I sit in this room for many reasons. One, is that He entrusted me with a piece of what makes His heart burn, and I have chosen to partner with His desires and sorrows and cry out with Him for what is rightfully His to be restored.

“I finally found where I belong…in Your presence” -Cory Asbury
I found Home…I love Him and He’s giving me grace to love Him and there is nowhere else I want to be. There has never been, or ever will be a love like His and I will happily waste my life to search out this vast endless mystery.
…There is my heart in a nut shell.




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  1. Your mom’s quote has to be my favorite of anyone I know.

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