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Whirlwind…Welcome Back…


I just spent two weeks in Orlando for the 2012 Circuit Riders training. What’s a Circuit Rider? Well it was these guys long time ago from the Methodist movement who rode horses all their lives; town to town burning in their hearts to share the simple truth-gospel-good news about Jesus to anyone who’d listen. Well last year an angel showed up and said “its time for the Circuit Riders to return and trumpet one message; “Jesus is coming back!” 6 Cities, hundreds gathering from all over hungry for Revival: Reviving that which is dead or once alive. Save the Lost. Revive the Saved. Train Them All. That’s the motto.

Those 2 weeks were a whirlwind for me! So much was being provoked within me, much was being pulled out of me and much was made more clearly defined within me as well. For just two weeks, let me tell you; I felt like I went away for 3 months! Returning back home has been interesting. Most of us returned sick as dogs. The schedule was intense so I just believe our immune systems were weak at this point. A week being back has gone by with a blink of an eye. I remember aching for this little red room, missing spending long hours with Jesus in the prayer room. Now being back, getting back into the flow of things has felt so difficult.

All in all, I know that the Sounding of the Alarm to the Body of Christ to return to their first love-know this God and King who is your Bridegroom burning with love for you is vital in this hour!

Provoking the Body of Christ-the Bride of Christ to sit at His feet in a culture of prayer is key to her
survival! Revival hinges on there being a revived, awakened more mature Bride, believers who will lay a foundation and be available for a harvest of lost ones being found in Christ to come. With revelation now of the ache of an evangelist (which I am not-and I realized, that’s okay! We can’t do it all) I partner in prayer and song with them and call forth LIFE!

During these 2 weeks, I felt the Lord was calling me deeper. Now I have felt this for some time but perhaps parts of me didn’t want to give up even legitimate pleasures of this world as a sacrifice and big gesture to the One I claim to love. In the midst of everything I realized that I want to know Him. Things as they are can not be enough. They aren’t enough. And nothing I run to here to numbingly help me escape satisfies. “To the measure I talk to the Spirit is to the measure I will walk in the Spirit!” Why? Because I have to? No! I get to! I get to KNOW God! Seriously, think about that statement. What other “god”  is motivated by true selfless love who says, “You can intimately KNOW Me?” How humble! What’s 70 years on this earth compared to Forever?

He desires HOLINESS! 

Being Back…

It’s been weird but today was a nice reminder. Spending time with my crazy Worship team makes allows me to remember the great people I get to run this race with and how blessed I am to have each and every one of them in my life!

Its going to be a very interesting season ahead. Will be teaching more consistently and pushing myself in areas of music and worship. Embarking on a scary, expectant journey the Lord’s mapped out for me for the next few months and I’m still processing how I feel about all that.

Well…here’s a random quick update. More to come and more frequently!

He is so patient and kind…Time is your friend…not your enemy. Grace and Blessings to you and yours!


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